Who am I?

I’m Gavin Greig, a 52 year old software developer. I work as a Senior Software Developer at Insights, in Dundee, Scotland, and live nearby in Fife. I currently develop for the .NET framework, mainly using C#, but I also have years of experience in C++. You’ve come to the right place for fairly permanent information about my professional and personal interests; if you want the latest news then try my blog, the Temporal Nexus.

For more information about my career, visit my Professional section; for practical information about software development visit Programming; and if you want to know what I do outside work, then Pastimes is the place for you. Thanks for taking an interest!

Usually Gavin Greig is just fine for referring to me, but since there’s a more famous Gavin Greig with a prior claim on the name (see below), I often use a fuller version of my name for official purposes: Dr. Gavin T.D. Greig.

The “other” Gavin Greig:

Perhaps you’re looking for my namesake. Gavin Greig (1856 — 1914) was a schoolmaster, music collector and playwright. Together with the Rev. J.B. Duncan, he compiled what is probably the most comprehensive collection of Scottish folk music, and so his name is extremely well-known in certain circles. As far as I know, we’re not related.

Gavin's mugshot (2009)
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