I've been role-playing since 1985, and enjoy games with a historical fantasy setting - that is, magic exists, but the historical setting of the game is fairly realistic.

The games below are a mixture of those I've taken part in, and those I've run myself. I'm an occasional GM, and in June 2007 started running a game again after a long break from that sort of thing. It's still a historically-based game, but this time there's no magic - there's steam power instead. The new game is called Steam Elephants.

Albannach was a game set in Scotland in the Dark Ages, before Scotland itself emerged as a country. The majority of the land was held by the Picts, but there were also Britons and Angles in the southern part of the country, and the relatively newly arrived Scots in the west.

The Scots weren't all that had arrived though; strange omens and unseely creatures were suddenly to be seen in the land. A few brave - or foolhardy - souls chose to explore.

GM: Gavin Greig

New Jerusalem, a town in the far east of Germany - in fact, probably in Poland by modern reckoning - was the eponymous setting of this game of the 1640s. The Godly people of New Jerusalem, under constant siege by hobgoblins and foul fiends, took it into their own hands to smite the abominations in the name of the Lord.

GM: Pete Lindsay

Steam Elephants is the game I currently GM. It's set in a world of scientific romance, where all that Jules Verne imagined - and more - may be true.

GM: Gavin Greig

Gavin's mugshot (2009)