1996 - Present: Insights Learning & Development Ltd., Dundee

Senior Software Developer (2002 - 2020)
Since 2002, I’ve been responsible for Insights’ build environment, code quality, core libraries and desktop and mobile development. I initiated Insights’ membership of the Microsoft Partner Network, as a Microsoft Certified Partner with the ISV Competency. I organised Insights’ involvement in the “Ascend” beta programme for early adopters of Visual Studio 2005, and have been responsible for recent software releases meeting official Microsoft logo requirements.
Software Developer (1999 - 2002)
I returned to software development to work on a second major release of Insights’ desktop software, providing an improved user interface and Unicode support, and including all supported languages and content in one version of the software. Over twenty languages are supported. During this time I was given responsibility for Insights’ data protection.
Systems Administrator (1998 - 1999)
As increasing demands were being made of Insights’s fledgling IT systems, I took a side-step to organise their development, also migrating the company to universal use of Windows NT (from a mixture of Novell Netware, Windows 95 and Windows for Workgroups).
Software Developer (1996 - 1998)
On 1st October 1996, I became the first software developer at Insights, a startup company in Dundee, quickly joined by another. Our first production deadline - of four months! - was tough, but we made it. Our initial release of Insights Discovery, a 32-bit program for Windows 95 using Microsoft Access’ Jet database engine, was followed by versions for languages other than English, and with additional content.

1993 - 1996: University of Dundee, Dundee

IT Teaching Assistant (1993 - 1996, part time)
While researching my Ph.D. at Dundee University, I earned some extra money by helping to supervise computing labs. I enjoyed helping others learn to write software and use common software packages. The students I helped ranged from computer science honours students to summer school attendees hoping to achieve university entry level qualifications.

1992 - 1993: South Western Regional Health Authority, Bristol

Junior Systems Analyst/Programmer (1993)
As a member of the Primary Care Team, my main responsibility was to support, and develop minor improvements and customisations for, a program used for the administration of breast screening. I also accompanied a senior developer on site visits to assess the computing needs of GPs’ practices. Taking part in technology projects that could help at significant times in peoples' lives was a privilege, and impressed upon me the need to consider software's effects on everyone, not just direct users. Before leaving, I was asked to prepare and present a day-long training course on using Microsoft Word for other developers, having voluntarily developed a specialised departmental template with an accompanying WinHelp file.
Trainee Systems Analyst/Programmer (1992)
My first development job began with learning how to program in MUMPS, for the South Western Regional Health Authority (now NHS South West). It was an interesting exposure to an older development technology, but my impressions weren’t necessarily favourable. One of my opinions was later immortalised in the M Technology and MUMPS language FAQ (“17. Is M structured?”).
Gavin's mugshot (2009)