Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (2005)
My employer, Insights supported me and my colleagues in qualifying as an MCSD in addition to the MCAD qualification that we had received the previous year. Training for this certification improved my knowledge of .NET solutions and architectures for Windows and the web.
Member of the British Computer Society - Chartered IT Professional (2004)
In 2004, my application to join the BCS as MBCS - CITP was accepted.
Microsoft Certified Application Developer (2004)
Insights supported me (and my colleagues of the time) in qualifying as an MCAD as part of our intention to concentrate our development efforts on the .NET platform. Appropriate training made it easier to migrate away from our existing technologies.
Microsoft Certified Professional (2004)
I passed my first Microsoft exam late in 2004.
Ph.D. "Smooth Surface Construction from Irregular Contour Data" (University of Dundee, 2000)
While it was a privilege to work in the NHS on software that could affect people’s lives, I didn't see much of a future in MUMPS development, so I accepted an invitation to return to Dundee to undertake research. I investigated the computer generation of smooth surfaces to cover sets of contour data consisting of sparse, irregularly spaced data points. Possible applications of such research are in automotive or ærodynamic design, or in medical analysis and bone reconstruction. Improvements to existing methods were suggested for regions of low curvature, and at boundary contours. A proposed method for establishing better relationships between greatly differing adjacent contours was shown to be unsuccessful in some cases, but suggested directions for further research.
M.Sc. Computer Science (University of Dundee, 1992)
After my first degree, I knew I wasn’t cut out for a job in Physics. I’d enjoyed the parts of Electronics requiring logical thought, so when I heard about an M.Sc. in Computer Science I could apply for, I jumped at the chance. The cross-disciplinary department at the University of Dundee not only taught me the fundamentals of computer science, but engaged my enthusiasm about how applied computing could benefit people in their every day lives.
B.Sc. Physics & Electronics (University of St Andrews, 1990)
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