History of the Site


This site is the descendant of my original web site, the Temporal Nexus, which I maintained during my time as a full-time Ph.D. student between 1993 and 1996. I've re-used the name Temporal Nexus for my blog, where the reference to time seemed more appropriate, and I've called this site the Cognitive Nexus because it's a place to put more thoughtful and permanent content.

Although the original Temporal Nexus contained a variety of content, it was most successful as a portal site for Doctor Who fandom. Its unique selling point was that, at the time, it aimed to be the most comprehensive index of Doctor Who fan fiction online.


The site remained online until the turn of the millenium, but it wasn't updated after 1996: a combination of poor connectivity and lack of time made it impractical for me to maintain it. In 2000, the site disappeared as I graduated (having completed writing my thesis in my spare time) and my student account was removed.


Somehow, I never got round to re-establishing my presence online, until the release of Microsoft's Visual Studio 2005. That seemed a good time to look around for a hosting company that kept up with the latest developments, and I opened an account with Hosting UK early in 2006.

It's still not a very actively updated site but every so often I get a welcome burst of enthusiasm and refurbish it a little. I spend altogether too long in tweaking it technically to keep my hand in with web technologies, rather than adding content, but it may be worth checking back here once in a while!

Gavin's mugshot (2009)